It's Time to find Your answers

Join me every Monday morning and start your week off right. Get the motivation and inspiration you need to continue performing and progressing through your week. With just a short 15-min episode, listen to me on your break, while you’re in the shower, or maybe even while you’re having your breakfast.

Why The Flame of Mind Podcast?

With a plethora of self-help content circulating the internet, I have made it my mission to organize and deliver content that is action based and truly customizable to every individual. I have developed a way to make personal development not only easy but exciting. Click on you favorite podcast platform up above and tell me what you think of it in a review on Apple Podcasts.

What You Get

Flame of Mind was designed by me, Ahmad Barbakh, with you, the consumer in mind. You control the narrative. You decide what you want to incorporate. You have complete control over what you choose to put your limited amount of effort into each day. You get awesome tools and resources to ease your transition. You get amazing articles written to be consumed quickly and digested easily.